Overview on Cultural Policies in Chile

The world CP webpage provides us with some interesting information on cultural policies in Chile: http://www.worldcp.org/chile.php

Agitar la palabra – report

Report on social participation and democratization of communications. Written by colleagues from Universidad Nacional de San Luis y de la Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos de Porto Alegre. A Summary can be retrieved from here: http://humanas.unsl.edu.ar/Agitar_la_palabra.pdf

Colombia: Cultural Policies

Colombia has a row of interesting cultural policy measures which serve as example for the region. An overview of the Colombian account can be found here: http://www.ifacca.org/publications/2009/02/09/colombia-collection-documents-cultural-policy/

Cinema in the Mercosur region

This page offers overviews of figures in cinema productions within the MERCOSUR region. http://www.recam.org/?do=downloads&idCategory=feedf3d74ab5e32ff55a0c9087a77aa7

Digital Mercosur Program

This is the document, MERCOSUR/GMC/RES. NÂș 18/08, as written by the MERCOSUR Group of the Common Market for the establishment of the Digital Mercosur Program established as inter-regional program between the Mercosur and the European Commission.

Audiovisual MERCOSUR

This page is the official page of the institutional body for audiovisual policies in the MERCOSUR. It contains documents (in Spanish and Portuguese) on the Audiovisual Mercosur Program. http://www.recam.org/

Reporters Without Borders for Freedom of Information (2013). World Press Freedom Index 2013.

Reporters Without Borders for Freedom of Information (2013). World Press Freedom Index 2013

WHOA Cyberstalking Statistics

WHOA Cyberstalking Statistics (2013)

Royal Charter on Self-Regulation of the press

Royal Charter on Self-Regulation of the press (2011)

Equality and Human Rights Commission Research report 69

Protecting information privacy by Charles Raab and Benjamin Goold, University of Edinburgh and University of British Columbia