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Copyright for Creativity. A Declaration for Europe

At a time when the copyright public policy debate tends to focus exclusively on enforcement, we believe that it is time for a discussion in the European institutions on how to ensure that copyright fully supports innovation, creativity, competition, and the public interest. Now is the time for a constructive policy agenda to ensure copyright meets the needs of the 21st century.


Colombia and Ecuador have both anounced to be working in the future on a stronger representation of own cultural contents. More information on their plans can be found here:


“The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the global network of national agencies arts funding. Created in December 2000, its purpose is to improve the capacity and effectiveness of government agencies arts funding in order to benefit society through networking, advocacy and research arts.

To meet its objectives, IFACCA has initiated various projects. One of them is the World Summit on Culture and the Arts triennial event whose purpose is to provide national arts councils, ministries of culture and other agencies, the opportunity to discuss key issues of public support for the arts and creativity.

The 6th World Summit will be organized jointly with the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile (CNCA) and will take place in Santiago, Chile, from 13 to January 16, 2014. The theme of this Summit, which takes place for the first time in Latin America, will be Creative Times: new models of cultural development.”

The programme and summaries of the contents discussed during the 6th Artsummit can be found here:


Colombia has a row of interesting cultural policy measures which serve as example for the region. An overview of the Colombian account can be found here: