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Online Sexual Harassment in the Eyes of Iranian Internet Users

The study has been developed based on a survey of 25 questions taken by 722 respondents. The survey comprised of three sections: (1) problem comprehension, (2) user experience, and (3) demographic questions. The first section posed general questions in order to identify users’ understanding of online sexual harassment while the second contained tailored questions for those with any first hand experience. Lastly, we asked survey respondents of their demographics which paints a substantial part of our data analysis. The survey was posted on multiple online platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram channels and Balatarin between January 17 and February 1, 2016.

Europarl study on gender equality in France

This in-depth analysis covers the recent developments in gender equality policies in France. It addresses the strengths and the weaknesses of French gender equality policies in the following domains: legislation, gender equality machinery, economic independence, work-life balance, participation in decision-making, gender-based violence, gender stereotypes and health and reproductive rights.

Europarl study on gender equality in Sweden

This note provides an overview of the situation of women’s rights and gender equality in Sweden focusing on recent developments. It notably covers the areas of equal participation in decision-making, women in the labour market, reconciliation of private and professional life, eradication of gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender stereotypes and promotion of gender equality in external development policies.

GAMAG Europe: New study on English on line news media

It has long been argued that women are under-represented and marginalized in relation to men in the world’s news media. New research, using artificial intelligence (AI), has analyzed over two million articles to find out how gender is represented in online news. The study, which is the largest undertaken to date, found men’s views and voices are represented more in online news than women’s. Click here to read the article.

Can Iceland lead the way towards a ban on violent online pornography?

The country prides itself on its progressive attitudes, but anti-censorship campaigners say move is a backward step

Small, volcanic, with a proud Viking heritage and run by an openly gay prime minister, Iceland is now considering becoming the first democracy in the western world to try to ban online pornography.
A nationwide consultation has found wide support for the move from police and lawyers working in the field of sexual violence, along with health and education professionals, according to Halla Gunnarsdóttir, adviser to the interior minister Ögmundur Jónasson. Ministers are now looking at the results. Read more