Guidelines for the application of the Rome Charter: A working tool for accurate media coverage on migration and asylum.

Media should cover migration-related issues in a thorough and nuanced way, based on solid facts. While the Rome Charter suggests guidelines for Italian journalists when reporting on asylum seekers, refugees, victims and migrants, the Guidelines for the application of the Rome Charter focus on translating the principles affirmed in the code of conduct into practical guidance ...

Charter of Rome

The Charter of Rome is a code of conduct for journalists regarding asylum seekers, refugees, victims of trafficking and migrants, on the basis of the fundamental principle stressing the importance of adhering to the truth as regards all events which are the subject of media coverage (art. 2 of the Law establishing the Journalists’ Association), invite ...

National Union Journalists’ Code of Conduct

The NUJ’s Code of Conduct has set out the main principles of British and Irish journalism since 1936. The code is part of the rules and all journalists joining the union must sign that they will strive to adhere to it.

Preventing Suicide – A Resource for Media Professionals

The World Health Organization offers a guide for media professionals relating to the treatment of suicide in the media. Click here

Code of ethics for Journalists

Code of ethics for Journalists issued under Section 26 (d) of Chapter Three of the Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Act 2006. Click here