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Communication from the Commission on the application of State aid rules to public service broadcasting

Ιν 2009 the Commission adopted a new Communication on state aid for the funding of public service broadcasters. It provides a clear framework for the development of public broadcasting services and enhances legal certainty for investment by both public and private media. The main amendments from the 2001 communication include a greater focus on accountability and effective control at a national level.

European Parliament Resolution on the Role of Public Service Television in a Multi- Media Society

On 19 September 1996, the European Parliament adopted the Resolution on the role of public service television in a multi-media society, in which it calls on the Commission to lay down guidelines for the promotion of public broadcasting establishments (PBE). The European Parliament held the opinion that national and European targets on media policy basically covered the work of the PBE. These targets include the promotion of the different cultures in Europe, support for equality, ensuring from now on that all groups are guaranteed equal access to information in the information society. Particularly for this last reason, the PBE should be leading the way in developing new services; they should therefore, for example, also use digital broadcasting.

Report on Public Service Media by European Audiovisual Observatory

A report on the public service media remit in 40 member countries has been issued by the European Audiovisual Observatory.
The comparative tables provided in the report include information on:
– the adopting bodies,
– the concerned broadcasters,
– the legal sources defining the remit, with mention of the specific articles,
– the links to the texts in their original language and an English translation where available.

Media (In)Dependence in Bulgaria: Risks and Trends

As a result of the economic crisis of 2009 and the rise in internet usage, print media in Bulgaria lost a significant portion of its traditional financing and became an easy target for external influence. At the beginning of the 2010s, oligarchic groups accumulated a ‘media empire’ (including print and online media, TV, printing and distribution facilities) that engaged in political engineering, utilizing media as a direct tool for state capture during the political crisis of 2013 – 2014.

For more details, read the related policy brief.

Governance Principles for PSM

Good governance of public service media, serving the interests of society as a whole, is actively supported by the EBU, in line with the Core PSM Values adopted by the General Assembly in 2012. Good governance can help PSM organisations meet new challenges as they carry out their vital role in the new media ecosystem. The aim of this Legal Focus, as a non-binding source of guidance and reference, is to identify and develop a number of fundamental principles for PSM governance.

Legal Focus publications are part of the EBU’s effort to produce practical tools to help Members in a period of rapid change. The governance principles complement the public funding principles published in February 2015.

EBU report on parliamentary broadcast services in Europe

The EBU’s Media Intelligence Service recently published a report that offers a comparative overview of parliamentary broadcast services in 40 European countries, available here
The research provides information on how parliaments inform and keep in touch with the citizenry, while also scrutinizing the role that public service media has in broadcasting parliamentary activities. Among others, it examines:
• what kind of parliamentary services exist;
• who operates them;
• what kind of parliamentary programmes are available to European citizens.

The report is available to download in the EBU open publications library open publications library, along with other publicly available MIS documents on various topics, such as the funding, remit, and value of public service media.

EBU’s Digital Radio 2016 report

The Media Intelligence Service of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has just released a report on the status of digital terrestrial radio in Europe. The Digital Radio report highlights the main achievements of the past year for digital radio, pointing out both its strengths and areas that require action. It also includes a specific study on the role of public service media in the roll-out process, as well as some prospects for the year ahead. As a whole, it offers a progress report of the roll-out of digital terrestrial radio in European markets and, when relevant, other digital platforms, helping EBU Members and other stakeholders to plan their digital radio strategies and supporting their advocacy initiatives. Click here