Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press


NPC – Freedom of Expression, First Amendment


US Constitution: Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression


The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union


UK: Freedom of Information Act 2002


UK: Communications Bill 2002


A Story of Surveillance

His first inkling that something was amiss came in summer 2002 when he opened the door to admit a visitor from the National Security Agency to an office of AT&T in San Francisco. “What the heck is the NSA doing here?” Mark Klein, a former AT&T technician, said he asked himself. Read more …

Yahoo plea over China rights case

Internet giant Yahoo has asked a US court to dismiss a lawsuit accusing it of complicity in rights abuses and acts of torture in China. The firm filed a motion for dismissal saying its Chinese subsidiary had no choice but to comply with local laws.Yahoo is being sued by the World Organization for Human Rights for ...

Brown pledge to protect liberties

Gordon Brown has pledged not to put civil liberties at risk over plans to introduce new anti-terror laws. Mr Brown wants to give police more powers – including holding suspects without charge for more than 28 days – when he takes over as prime minister. Read more …

More stop and quiz terror powers

Proposed new anti-terror laws could give police greater powers to stop and question anyone in the UK. The proposal, allowing police to ask people about their identity and movement, is among measures being considered by Home Secretary John Reid. Read more …