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Mini-Porn Could Be Mega-Business

Apple Computer Inc. took 20 days to reach 1 million downloads of video files from its online store; the Web site SuicideGirls, offering free videos of unclothed models, hit the mark in about a week. Read more …

Good Old American Pornography: Abu Ghraib and the US porn industry

The war in Iraq may be the first war to be won or lost in cyberspace. In the battle for the hearts and minds of the Arab world, the deadliest weapons may, in the end, be images, and the digital photos and videos of abuse shot at Abu Ghraib may turn out to be America’s undoing by friendly ...

Violent porn ban ‘a memorial to my daughter’

The bereaved mother whose two-year campaign inspired the forthcoming ban on viewing violent pornography said yesterday that the measure would be a memorial to her daughter. Liz Longhurst began her battle to change the law after her daughter Jane was killed in 2003 by a man said to be obsessed with violent internet pornography. More ...