Audiovisual MERCOSUR

This page is the official page of the institutional body for audiovisual policies in the MERCOSUR. It contains documents (in Spanish and Portuguese) on the Audiovisual Mercosur Program.

Organizations working around cultural diversity

The INCD (International Network for cultural diversity) is an internationally organized network that works around the question of how globalization affects the practice of cultural diversity on local and national levels. More information can be found here: The FICDC (International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity ) is an initiative of coalitions working for ...

United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013 Special Edition

WIDENING LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PATHWAYS United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013 Special Edition (PDF)   The special edition of the Report focuses on creative economy at the local level in developing countries. It is co-published by UNESCO and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the UN Office for South South Co-operation. The Report is organized ...

European Court of Human Rights: Cultural Rights in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

Source: ECHR   (file type: PDF)

Establishing The Creative Europe Programme (EC, 2011)


European agenda for culture in a globalizing world (European Commission, 2007)

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Education and Culture DG. 2012 annual work programme for the MEDIA 2007 programme

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Council of the European Union: Resolution on a comprehensive European anti- counterfeiting and anti-piracy plan

2891st COMPETITIVENESS (INTERNAL MARKET, INDUSTRY and RESEARCH), 2008. Link to the document in English