Can Iceland lead the way towards a ban on violent online pornography?

The country prides itself on its progressive attitudes, but anti-censorship campaigners say move is a backward step Small, volcanic, with a proud Viking heritage and run by an openly gay prime minister, Iceland is now considering becoming the first democracy in the western world to try to ban online pornography. A nationwide consultation has found ...

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US: The End of the Internet (by Jeffrey Chester)


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Microsoft Defends Censoring a Dissident’s Blog in China

Microsoft Corp. has shut down a popular Chinese-language blog that has published content potentially offensive to Chinese authorities, amid China’s ongoing efforts to control information on the Internet. Read more …

Tollbooths on the Internet Highway

When you use the Internet today, your browser glides from one Web site to another, accessing all destinations with equal ease. That could change dramatically, however, if Internet service providers are allowed to tilt the playing field, giving preference to sites that pay them extra and penalizing those that don’t. Read more …

Microsoft and Google Set to Wage Arms Race

Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, described Google in an interview late last year as a worthy adversary, a company to test Microsoft’s mettle. “This is hypercompetition, make no mistake,” Mr. Gates observed. The rivalry between the companies is growing more combative, and with good reason: the outcome is likely to shape the future of competition in computing and ...