Royal Charter on Self-Regulation of the press

Royal Charter on Self-Regulation of the press (2011)

Equality and Human Rights Commission Research report 69

Protecting information privacy by Charles Raab and Benjamin Goold, University of Edinburgh and University of British Columbia

Privacy and media intrusion: Replies to the Committee’s Fifth Report, 2002–03

First Special Report of Session 2003-04, published on February 9. 2004

UK Editors’ Code of Practice

UK Editors’ Code of Practice The Press Complaints Commission is charged with enforcing the following Code of Practice which was framed by the newspaper and periodical industry and was ratified by the PCC in December 2011 to include changes taking effect from 1 January 2012.

European Council and Parliament Article 29 Data Protection Working Party

Opinion 4/2007 on the concept of personal data

Berka, Heindl, Höhne, Noll. Mediengesetz. Praxiskommentar.

Berka, Heindl, Höhne, Noll. Mediengesetz. Praxiskommentar.  

Snooper’s charter ‘should be replaced by strengthening of existing powers’

Privacy campaigners have called for the lifting of restrictions on the use of existing police and security service powers to monitor the communications of terror suspects, as an alternative to the intrusive £1.8bn “snooper’s charter” legislation. Privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch says police already have the ability under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act ...

UK surveillance law: a warning, and a call for a different future

From the itemised records of the 90s through to the detailed records of our online behaviour, it is getting easier to track what we do. There is vastly more information now about our every movement than there ever has been. Such information can be very useful to law enforcement agencies and other public bodies. There ...

Civil rights coalition says EU data protection bill threatens citizens’ rights

Some of the proposed changes to Europe’s data protection laws would strip citizens of their privacy rights, a coalition of international civil liberties organizations said Thursday. The European Parliament is currently considering proposals from the European Commission for a complete overhaul of the E.U.’s data protection laws. The original laws date from 1995, the pre-Internet ...

Act of Terror: arrested for filming police officers – video

Act of Terror from Fat Rat Films on Vimeo. When police carried out a routine stop-and-search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma Atkinson filmed the incident. She was detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest. She launched a legal battle, which ended with the police settling the case in 2010. With the money from ...