Study on hate speech

In October 2014, the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) published a comparative study on legislation sanctioning hate speech and discrimination in the member states of the European Union. The study can be found here.

European Audiovisual Observatory publishes IRIS Themes

The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes its IRIS “Themes” report on Freedom of Expression, the Media and Journalists, which contains summaries of over 240 judgments or decisions by Strasbourg’s European Court of Human Rights reported about in IRIS newsletter since 1994 and provides hyperlinks to the full text of each of the summarized judgments or decisions. You ...

World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development: Special Digital Focus 2015

Report on freedom of expression and media development published by UNESCO. Click here

Global survey on internet privacy and freedom of expression

A survey published by UNESCO seeking to identify the relationship between freedom of expression and Internet privacy, assessing where they support or compete with each other in different circumstances. Click here

Building digital safety for journalism: a survey of selected issues

Report on the digital safety of journalists published by UNESCO. Click here

Freedom of Expression, the Media and Journalists

The European Audiovisual Observatory has published its IRIS Themes report on Freedom of Expression, the Media and Journalists. To access the PDF, please check here.

The Copyright Manifesto – C4C

RTI Rating data analysis series: Overview of results and trends

Published by the Centre for Law and Democracy – September 28, 2013

Entrenching RTI – An analysis of constitutional protections of the right to information

Report published by the Centre for Law and Democracy, March 2012

Digital Mercosur Program

This is the document, MERCOSUR/GMC/RES. Nº 18/08, as written by the MERCOSUR Group of the Common Market for the establishment of the Digital Mercosur Program established as inter-regional program between the Mercosur and the European Commission.