Digital Mercosur Program

This is the document, MERCOSUR/GMC/RES. Nº 18/08, as written by the MERCOSUR Group of the Common Market for the establishment of the Digital Mercosur Program established as inter-regional program between the Mercosur and the European Commission.

Organizations working around cultural diversity

The INCD (International Network for cultural diversity) is an internationally organized network that works around the question of how globalization affects the practice of cultural diversity on local and national levels. More information can be found here: The FICDC (International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity ) is an initiative of coalitions working for ...

Connected TV and the digital agenda in the EU


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A free and pluralistic media to sustain European democracy

The Report of the High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism

Global Policy Forum

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Liberty – Protecting Civil Liberties | Promoting Human Rights


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