Cultural Policies all over the World

This website provides us with some overview on cultural policies all over the world, including also South American countries:

Germany establishes law that introduces regulations regarding the use of journalistic contents via search engines

Germany established the first law worldwide that regulates the use of journalistic content via search engines. The “Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage”, also called “lex google” by the German press, came into effect in 2013 against the critique of the German Webcommunity and parts of the German parliamentary opposition. How far the regulation will effect every day ...

Council of the European Union: Resolution on a comprehensive European anti- counterfeiting and anti-piracy plan

2891st COMPETITIVENESS (INTERNAL MARKET, INDUSTRY and RESEARCH), 2008. Link to the document in English

Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC)


Comisión de Propiedad Intelectual (Spain)


Intellectual Property Office (IPO)


Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des Droits sur Internet (HADOPI)

Website of the French – High Authority for the Diffusion of the Works and the Protection of the Rights of Internet.

The Draft IPR Enforcement Directive — A Threat to Competition and to Liberty

(by Ross Anderson)

Real Decreto 1657/2012: a collector’s piece for Spanish copyright enthusiasts

Update on the private copying levy in Spain (December, 8th, 2012). Link

European Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights