YouTube: Trade secrets are safe but your information isn’t

A judge has ordered YouTube to hand over information about every video watched including logins and user IP addresses to Viacom, which is suing the video sharing service for $1bn.

YouTube won’t be forced to hand over its source code to Viacom because a US judge has ruled that it is a trade secret, but the same judge has ruled that the video sharing site must turn over the record of every video watched including user names and IP addresses to the media giant. Viacom is suing YouTube’s parent company Google for $1bn over copyright infringement. Reading the ruling shows what a fishing expedition-or witch-hunt for users-this lawsuit has become. Even with confidentiality, it’s clear Viacom could have used this suit to glean some competitive edge. On the flip side, users clearly lose, but at least Viacom isn’t sorting through your private videos. Read more